Development monitoring

One of the most critical elements of risk in any development is construction. Before banks agree to fund property developments, they must have a good understanding of the construction aspects of the project in order to weigh up the risks that might impact on their loans. 

Development monitoring

Funders need to understand building costs before they can make decisions – SelwayJoyce ensure that they have this critical information.

We deliver a monitoring service to funders, owners and lenders which identifies key project risks at the earliest opportunity.

When a development is underway it must be carefully monitored, with regular site visits made in order to pick up any key issues as they arise.

We advise when costs can be drawn down against the loan facility, and on the adequacy of the remaining undrawn loan to cover the forecast cost to complete.

We liaise with all parties at all stages of the development.

Using our technical expertise in procurement, project documentation, programme and cost control we are able to minimise and mitigate risks before they become major issues.